All You Need To Know About Water Treatment Systems And Process

All You Need To Know About Water Treatment Systems And Process

Water is the basic necessity for the existence of life. Today, water that is available is highly polluted and using that water in daily chores can result in severe diseases. Thus, it is essential to treat the water to make it free from impurities and make it fit for drinking. Water is treated by many different ways and there are many water treatment companies that do this job.

There are some steps by which the water is treated provided for us by Jt Environmental Ltd such as:

Disinfection – disinfection of water is done by adding chlorine into the water. This will kill almost all the germs and impurities that are present in the water.

Flocculation and Coagulation – in water treatment, this process is considered as a very important process. This process is used for the filtration as well as sedimentation of the water that further enhances the process of treatment and removes all the impure particles such as arsenic from water.

Corrosion control – in the last process of water treatment, pH is mixed with a soda named caustic (NaOH). This is done in order to reduce the corrosion from plumbing system.

Types of water treatment systems

There are many different types of water treatment systems that are used in water treatment process such as

Carbon filtration – this water system can greatly improve the taste, colour and smell of water and also makes the water crystal clear and makes it fit for drinking. This water system is most commonly used by the municipality in their water treatment plant. This water system has an ability to eliminate the chloramines and chlorine from the water as this system has carbon in it.

Reverse osmosis – this type of water treatment system is widely used in the household work or in any commercial use. In this system, there is a semi permeable membrane as well as carbon filter to make the water pure.

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