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An Insight Into Lord’ Supper

An Insight Into Lord’ Supper

Lord‘s supper is an age old Christian ritual. It is celebrated in the remembrance of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ called his disciple and broke the loaf of bread to proclaim that that bread was his body; then he poured wine in the glass of disciples and told his followers that that was his blood. One needs to delve deeper to understand the message behind this act of Jesus. The tradition is not practised in home. Bread and cup communion is celebrated in church where people of every class come and sit together to have supper. Rich or poor, everyone has equal value in Jesus’ eyes. But the society overlooks the true teachings of Jesus and lives a life of selfishness. Jesus through this ritual tried to show the society the difference between living a life of human and animal. If humans start living like an animal i.e. to live only for yourself, then it is worthless to have a human life.

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Things that you should know about lord supper

  • The purpose of this tradition is to remember Jesus Christ and his teachings and to contemplate whether we are living on the path of life shown by Jesus. The sacrifice which Jesus did for humanity should never be forgotten.
  • One can take part in the ritual if one’s heart is impure and full of sins. One needs to have virtuous soul to participate in the event.
  • You can also join the supper for washing your past sins and get over your repentance. Jesus will take away his children’s all pains and sufferings.